August 3-August 13, 2021
Invest in your photography skills & experience a place like no other.

Join Taylor Burk August 3rd-13th, 2021 for an in-depth photography workshop and tour focused around what you personally want to achieve to enhance your skillset. Together we will cover a variety of topics directed towards expanding your technical photo skills, creative vision and growing your business with detailed discussions revolving around planning, composition, editing, social media, building your brand & more.

This jam-packed custom tour will be taking place in the remote Northern Canadian Rockies in the heart of the Muskwa-Kechika (musk-quah-ke-chee-kah) in conjunction with MK Adventures. Come explore one of the largest and most diverse wilderness areas in North America. Think Banff and Jasper National Park but before any roads were built and tourism was even a thing!

... a charismatic speaker... a compelling slide show...
National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
PO Box 27, Rolla BC Canada V0C 2G0 · phone 1-250-261-1513 · info@muskwakechika.com