One great wilderness remains in the northern Rocky Mountains, a vast remnant of the continental wilderness that once existed. Teeming with wildlife, the Muskwa-Kechika remains much as it was before humans came to this continent. Wayne Sawchuk has been leading expeditions into the remotest regions of the MK for decades as part of an effort to protect this magnificent area. In future years these expeditions may well be remembered as pieces of history, much as early expeditions to Banff or Yellowstone are today. You have the opportunity to join the 2019 expedition to the Northern Rockies.

A note about the expeditions: do not expect a typical "tourist" trip. Expect to be treated as an expedition member and fellow traveler. Horse travel in the wilderness is rigorous, and folks must be able to hike up and down steep trails, mount and dismount repeatedly, and help with camp and horse. Experience with horses is useful but not necessary. Fitness, however, is.
Horseback Expeditions
These are full-on expedition spots. Life on the trail is rigorous, and a high level of fitness is required. Usually, the packstring will be on the trail for two or three days, followed by a camp day. Folks will assist with saddling and packing, cooking duties, and camp. Folks will bring their own tents, sleeping bags, etc., and on a 12-day trip with six people, for instance, each person will be responsible for supplying and preparing two suppers for the group, as well as their own breakfast and lunch.
Mayfield Base Camp Experiences
The Mayfield Base Camp includes all food, lodging, as well as horse, sauna, and canoe use. Cook supplied - all you do is enjoy!
It can do anything in the Northern Rockies! Be sure to review our information for participants, including flight and accommodation details and a checklist of what to bring on your Muskwa-Kechika adventure.
Muskwa-Kechika Adventures offers the following discounts - you may qualify!

Teenagers accompanied by parents: 50%
High school, college or university students: 40%
Second consecutive expedition or camp: 25%, upon request!

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National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
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