In 2021 we will set off from from the Alaska Highway on June 15 and return on Sept 4. Detailed info is below. Note that the four expedition trips for 2021 are now fully booked; see below for details on how to reserve a space for 2022.

Wayne is turning 65 this fall, and while he feels as strong as ever, there comes a time when one has to dial back some of the more rigorous tasks. As a result he will be stepping back from the two week Expeditions, but will ride the Gatho Exploration Expedition, June 28 -July 12, and our Mayfield Experiences, July 26 - August 13. Alex and Michelle have been key members of the operation for a decade now, and in addition to leading the Expeditions in 2021 are planning to take over the reins from MK Adventures permanently. We will see what the future holds!

Another change we have made for 2021 is to lower the number of guest riders from six or seven per trip down to five. This will make the operation more efficient, and much easier to get out of camp in the morning with less horses and tack.

In 2021 the price per Expedition will be $4495.00 plus GST, an approximately 7% increase over last year. The cost for the Mayfield Horse and Wellness Experience will be $3495.00 plus GST. We are also offering a food option in 2021, cost will be $595.00 for the Full Meal Plan.


The four Expedition trips for 2021 are now fully booked. To be placed on our waiting list for 2022, fill out the registration form, selecting "2022 Waiting List". There is a $1250 reservation fee to secure your space. Giddyup!

Would you like to travel with saddlehorse and packtrain through a thriving, spectacular, and roadless wilderness? Now you can experience the pristine Northern Rockies just as did the first European explorers who crossed the North American continent.

The 2021 Muskwa-Kechika Expedition will be hosted by Wayne Sawchuk, a guide, photographer and conservationist who has been leading horseback expeditions into the Muskwa-Kechika since 1985. Through his work with industry, wilderness organizations, and public planning processes, Wayne has been instrumental in creating a wilderness management area that serves as a model for protecting wild places worldwide.

Muskwa-Kechika Adventures specializes in unique, experiential and full-on wilderness horseback experiences. This is the real deal! Do not expect a typical "tourist" trip. Instead, you will become an expedition member. Participants share in all camp and trail activities such as saddling, fire-lighting, cooking, and horse wrangling. Horse travel in the wilderness is rigorous, and folks must be able to hike up and down steep trails, mount and dismount repeatedly, and assist with camp and horse activities according to their abilities. Experience with horses is useful, but not necessary. Fitness, however, is mandatory.
Expedition Trip One: June 14-June 28, 2021 - FULLY BOOKED
Eastern Slopes Southbound
Stone Mountain to East Tuchodi via the North Tetsa, Twin Lakes, Tetsa, Henry Creek, and the Chisca
Spectacular ride along the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies, rigorous too with several big climbs and descents. Flower season will just be starting to peak.
Cost: $4495 CAD plus 5% GST - This expedition is now fully booked; join the wait list.
Expedition Trip Two: June 28-July 12, 2021 - FULLY BOOKED
Gatho Exploration Expedition
East Tuchodi to Gatho via Dead Dog, and return
Less packing, more exploring! Wayne will be riding this Expedition, which will include exploring brand new trails and valleys. After a two day trip over the ancient High Trail from East Tuchodi (rigorous, with steep climbs and descents) we will be camping on the Gatho and exploring by dayride. Plenty of time for photography, hiking, or just enjoying the amazing wilderness and wildlife this area offers.
Cost: $4495 CAD plus 5% GST - This expedition is now fully booked; join the wait list.
Expedition Trip Three: July 12-July 26, 2021 - FULLY BOOKED
Rocky Mountain Divide Westbound
East Tuchodi-Mayfield via Falls Creek, Misery Pass, Upper Gataga, Twin Glacier Pass, Churchill, Mayfield
This is a major wilderness ride on our wildest route, the farthest we get from roads. Other humans are rarely met once we leave the Tuchodi, and as a result the wildlife still live as they always have. A full-on work out as well, with several big climbs and descents.
Cost: $4495 CAD plus 5% GST - This expedition is now fully booked; join the wait list.
Mayfield Photography Basecamp: August 4-August 12, 2021
Mayfield Lake
Join Taylor Burk August 3rd-13th, 2021 for an in-depth photography workshop and tour focused around what you personally want to achieve to enhance your skillset. Together we will cover a variety of topics directed towards expanding your technical photo skills, creative vision and growing your business with detailed discussions revolving around planning, composition, editing, social media, building your brand & more.
Click here for more information.
Cost: $7500 CAD plus 5% GST
Northern Rockies Horse and Wellness Experience: August 12-August 21, 2021
Mayfield Lake
This camp is centered around detoxing from our digital world by experiencing the wilderness of the Gataga River valley through yoga, meditation, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding and more. Set at our Mayfield basecamp, this is a true wilderness experience. Accessible only by float plane or by weeks on horseback, our basecamp is a remote escape from modern living. Mayfield features an outdoor kitchen, along with chef, a sauna/bathhouse, a spacious tipi for rainy days, canoes and more. This trip is perfect for anyone who has been dreaming of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with themselves and the natural world around them.
Click here for more information.
Cost: $4495 CAD plus 5% GST
Expedition Trip Four: August 21-September 4, 2021 - FULLY BOOKED
Rocky Mountain Divide Northbound
Mayfield - Mile 442, Alaska Highway via North Gataga, Churchill, East Toad, and the Moose Lake Valley.
This ride's wildlife, glaciers, spectacular valleys, rivers, and waterfalls have made it a favourite although we have only used it once in the past few decades. The route down the Toad River takes us through the traditional hunting grounds of the Moose Lake First Nations, an area rich in indigenous and settler history.
Cost: $4495 CAD plus 5% GST - This expedition is now fully booked; join the wait list.
It can do anything in the Northern Rockies! Be sure to review our information for participants, including logistics in detail, flight and accommodation information, and a checklist of what to bring on your Muskwa-Kechika adventure.

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