Would you like to travel with saddlehorse and packtrain through a thriving, spectacular, and roadless wilderness? Now you can experience the pristine Northern Rockies just as did the first European explorers who crossed the North American continent.

The 2020 Muskwa-Kechika Expedition will be hosted by Wayne Sawchuk, a guide, photographer and conservationist who has been leading horseback expeditions into the Muskwa-Kechika since 1985. Through his work with industry, wilderness organizations, and public planning processes, Wayne has been instrumental in creating a wilderness management area that serves as a model for protecting wild places worldwide.

Muskwa-Kechika Adventures specializes in unique, experiential and full-on wilderness horseback experiences. This is the real deal! Do not expect a typical "tourist" trip. Instead, you will become an expedition member. Participants share in all camp and trail activities such as saddling, fire-lighting, cooking, and horse wrangling. Horse travel in the wilderness is rigorous, and folks must be able to hike up and down steep trails, mount and dismount repeatedly, and assist with camp and horse activities according to their abilities. Experience with horses is useful, but not necessary. Fitness, however, is mandatory.
Expedition Trip One: June 15-June 29, 2020
Prophet River and the Eastern Slopes
Sikanni River to Prophet River Head Camp
This expedition pack-trip features a traverse of the historic Caribou Range and a visit to the wildlife rich Zoo Valley. Folks will travel north up the Alaska Highway to the Sikanni Chief River and then fly back from the headwaters of the Prophet River by bushplane to Fort Nelson.
Cost: $4195 CAD plus 5% GST
Prophet River Headwaters Sojourn: June 29-July 6, 2020
Upper Prophet River and Zoo Valley
Prophet River Head Camp
NEW! This year we are adding a one-week hiking, art, and riding camp on the Upper Prophet. This opportunity will include dayrides up to Zoo Valley, and a two to three day packtrip up to the very head of the Prophet River. Spectacular!
Cost: $2495 CAD plus 5% GST
Expedition Trip Two: July 6-July 20, 2020
Zoo Valley
Prophet River Head Camp to East Tuchodi Lake
Spectacular passes, rugged rivers, elk, caribou, grizzly bears and peak flower season will satisfy the most hardcore wilderness and wildlife lover. Folks will fly to the head of the Prophet River by bushplane and return to Fort Nelson by jetboat via the Tuchodi and Muskwa Rivers.
Cost: $4195 CAD plus 5% GST
Expedition Trip Three: July 20-August 3, 2020
Rocky Mountain Divide West
East Tuchodi Lake to Mayfield Lake
This remote and rugged route will take us over the Rocky Mountain Divide past rock glaciers, alpine flower meadows, and the Big Slide, with time for unforgettable day hikes. We'll reach the Tuchodi Lakes by jet boat, and a floatplane will take us back to Muncho Lake.
Cost: $4195 CAD plus 5% GST
Expedition Trip Four: August 24-September 7, 2020
Rocky Mountain Divide East
Mayfield Lake to East Tuchodi Lake
We'll cross the Rocky Mountain Divide heading east to the spectacular Tuchodi Lakes. Fall colours will be coming on strong, and there's always a chance to spot grizzly bear, mountain goats, or a bull moose in rut. We'll fly to Mayfield Lake by floatplane and take the jet boat back to Kledo Creek and Fort Nelson.
Cost: $4195 CAD plus 5% GST
Expedition Trip Five: September 7-September 21, 2020
Tetsa River and the Eastern Slopes
East Tuchodi Lake to Tetsa River
This rugged trip explores the wildlife-rich Eastern Slopes of the Rockies. We'll traverse the broad alpine slopes of the Northern Caribou Range and the spectacular valleys and passes of the Chisca, Tetsa, and Henry Creeks, among others. Folks will travel to East Tuchodi by jet boat and back to Fort Nelson by vehicle.
Cost: $4195 CAD plus 5% GST
It can do anything in the Northern Rockies! Be sure to review our information for participants, including flight and accommodation details and a checklist of what to bring on your Muskwa-Kechika adventure.

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National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
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