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Experience the Northern Rockies in their magnificent, pristine state
The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area encompasses a vast wilderness in BC's northern Rocky Mountains. Teeming with wildlife, it is a vestige of the continental wilderness that once existed. Wayne Sawchuk has been leading expeditions into the remotest regions of the MK for decades as part of an effort to protect this magnificent area. You have the opportunity to become one of seven participants on each 2019 expedition, where you will experience the ride of your life, a full-on challenge for the mind and body. The camps are open for registration and a camps brochure is available for download. You can also read the experiences of MK Adventures alumni.
Author, photographer, conservationist, wilderness guide, Fellow of The Explorers Club (FI'09), Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society (F.R.C.G.S.)
Wayne Sawchuk is driven by a vision of humanity co-existing peacefully and prosperously with nature. While his ideal world may sound utopian, Wayne is very much a realist. He knows what it takes to bring government, industry and other stakeholders to the table to discover mutual interests and agree upon actions that maximize benefits for all - including the environment. Who is this man?
The photography of Wayne Sawchuk
This site features the photography of Wayne Sawchuk. Many are available for order or download in the photo gallery.
Speaking for the land, the wild, and our heritage
A modern day explorer, guide, and conservationist, Wayne Sawchuk unveils wonders and mysteries gathered over a quarter century of travel deep into the largest wilderness remaining in the Rocky Mountains. He is an experienced presenter on subjects such as natural history, conservation initiatives, and the interface between industrial activity and the natural world.
Wayne and the Muskwa-Kechika in the press
Wayne has participated in numerous multimedia interviews in connection with his books and conservation work, from region-specific publications to National Geographic.

... a charismatic speaker... a compelling slide show...
National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
PO Box 27, Rolla BC Canada V0C 2G0 · phone 1-250-261-1513 · info@muskwakechika.com